Welcome to the Amfphp Back Office

Here you can access the 3 parts of the Back Office.

The Service Browser

The service browser allows you to test your services. It lists all services and methods. Click a service method, and a dialog will appear allowing you to call it and optionally set some parameters. Once you call the method, you have a choice of ways to display the return data. Depending on what kind of return data you are expecting you will find one view or another more useful.
Service Browser Documentation

The Client Generator

The client generator allows you to generate fully functional client projects including:
  • service classes that expose your service methods so that you can call them easily.
  • a GUI class to access each service. These are great to make back offices.
  • project files to wrap them all and hit the ground running.
Client Generator Documentation

The Profiler

The Profiler allows you to observe the time spent by each service call in the different stages of processing. The idea is to help you better understand how your server shall perform live, and to give you easy access to the information you need to eliminate bottlenecks and fine-tune performance.
Profiler Documentation